Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ep. 3: AS SEEN ON TV! - 'Daredevil' Season Two

Come one, come all to the fancy ball... that is our podcast! This is the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show, and this week the boys are just about fine. I mean Jon is kind of a crazy person, and Joel has been showing off his Rob "Website" Nerddry side.

But enough of the trivialities: this episode, Joel and Jon neglect the theatre for a little time in front of the idiot box. Is television trash? Is 'Daredevil' season two worth all the excitement? There's one way to find out.

Won't you Netflix and chill with us? Popcorn required.

- - - - -

Topics this week include:
- 'Daredevil' s02.
- Cookie Clicker.
- The Twilight Zone, The Twilight Zone, The Twilight Zone.
- Vidangel.
- John Paesano.
- Angry Video Game Nerd.