Friday, May 27, 2016

Ep. 12: 'Inherent Vice' & 'The Nice Guys'

LOS ANGELES AT NIGHT, 1970's. It's hard to tell whether the distant streetlights shimmer from the pollution of progress, or the smoke of a hundred thousand joint-wielding hippies. A Datsun 240Z peels down Artesia, overflowing with screaming sex icons on their way to the next sorority-sponsored sponge bath. The city threatens to burst with succulent depravity.

And amid the fray, the small-time P.I.

 Of the world, but so very estranged from it. Aloof, but all too corruptible, he buzzes from house to house, party to party, staring over his empty glass at all of the people. This stage and all its actors will never bow the nagging feeling in his head that somewhere, someone holds the truth, keeps it for herself. But drug-fueled epiphanies slink into brow-beaten malaise, always curtailed by the groans of the cold, mysterious ocean.

Maybe there is nothing, he thinks to himself. The city might be an empty movie set, vacated for lunch and turnaround. Maybe the homeless tramp had it right when he grabbed his arm, wide-eyed, and whispered: "No! Think of the birds!"

- - - - -

Topics this week include:
- 'Inherent Vice'.
- 'The Nice Guys'.