Friday, November 10, 2017

Ep. 81: AS SEEN ON TV! - Stranger Things Season Two

Welcome to the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show! Hope your Halloween was okely dokely.

'Little Shop' fan-boying aside, you're in for a treat folks. Prepare yourselves for a brief revisitation to your favorite nostalgia-verse... Hawkins, Indiana! All your old friends are here, playing their stupid video games and battling splindly smoke monsters. But will this hold up to your fond memories of season one? Are slimy trash-monsters safe pets? What are high school dances? Can Eleven be the Dark Phoenix of Netflix, out-handing the manifested fear and phobia of all those she cares for?

Or something like that. We don't deal in perfect metaphors here, folks.

Get yer custom sodas and wings! And sponsor us please.

- - - - -

Topics this week include:
- Stranger Things. (Plus wiki.)